Canadian Wildlife Federation

logo-canadian-wildlife-federation The Canadian Wildlife Federation is dedicated to ensuring an appreciation of our natural world and a lasting legacy of healthy wildlife and habitat by:
  • informing and educating Canadians;
  • advocating responsible human actions; and
  • representing wildlife on conservation issues.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation is determined to make a difference to our water. We’re proud to announce that we have published a document about open-pen aquaculture which you can read here.
Canadian Wildlife Federation: salmon at risk Open-pen finfish aquaculture (OPFA) is the farming of fish species in marine or freshwater areas within net pens or cages that are open to the surrounding environment. Open-pen finfish aquaculture alters important aquatic habitats and significantly affects native populations of wild salmon and other wildlife. These effects may put the survival of both Pacific and Atlantic salmon species at risk. Although the aquaculture industry creates economic benefits, because of its significant impact on wildlife, CWF would like to see the practice of OPFA in Canada phased out over the next 10 years. In the meantime, CWF believes it imperative that no more OPFA operations be established in Canada.
Canadian Wildlife Federation
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