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Sustainable fisheries
and aquaculture

Salmon farming: A grave concern, a great hope

Salmon aren’t just a menu item. They’re a national treasure, worthy of protection.

Questions and answers about Overwaitea’s closed-containment salmon

1. Why is this farmed salmon more sustainable than other farmed salmon? This coho salmon was raised in a land-based closed containment operation that has received a “Best Choice” ranking…

Closed containment is affordable

We know that net-pen aquaculture threatens wild salmon, and we also know that the industry is a profitable one that contributes significantly to local, provincial and national economic accounts. The…

Improving fisheries and seafood farming

Before a fish, clam, or crab is wrapped in cellophane, crammed in a can, or displayed on ice at a grocery store it was living organism interacting with its surrounding..

What is sustainable seafood?

We define sustainable seafood as being fished or farmed in a manner that can maintain or increase production in the long term, without jeopardizing the health or function of the web of life in our oceans.

Canada’s Sustainable Seafood Program

SeaChoice undertakes science-based seafood assessments, provides informative resources for consumers, and supports businesses through collaborative partnerships. SeaChoice has created easy-to-use tools that help you make the best seafood choices.

Seafood certifications

One of the easiest ways that people can affect change is through their purchasing power. If applied properly, ecolabels can provide economic incentives for industries to shift toward better practices

DSF’s approach: working with business towards a Common Vision

The David Suzuki Foundation is part of a global network of conservation organizations working to improve fisheries and aquaculture operations and ensure seafood is produced in ways not harmful to the environment.

Canada’s wild fisheries

With the longest coastline in the world and 7.1 million square kilometres of ocean area, it is not surprising that Canada has hundreds of different fisheries located within our national…


Aquaculture is the fresh or salt water farming of any fish, shellfish, or aquatic plant. Aquaculture has been practiced for thousands of years, especially in places like China where it has provided a solid supply of protein for people.

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