Watershed-Watch Salmon Society

Watershed-Watch Salmon Society Watershed Watch Salmon Society’s mission is to catalyze efforts to protect and restore BC’s precious wild salmon. Through scientific expertise, strategic alliances, outreach programs, and innovative projects, Watershed Watch is at the forefront in sounding the alarm on threats to salmon, and in prompting action to help them.

Our many years of experience uniquely position us to identify and act on existing and emerging threats to wild salmon. We have been instrumental in drawing public attention to such key issues as: the threat posed by sea lice; water management; unsustainable harvesting; the long-term benefits of saving wild salmon; the impact of hydro-power projects; First Nations’ monitoring of salmon and salmon habitat; and the potential impacts of groundwater withdrawal on wild salmon.
Watershed Watch: Fraser Basin

The Fraser, BC’s largest salmon-bearing watershed, drains some one third of the entire province – an area the size of California – and the majority of BC’s people call it home. The Fraser Basin boasts 13 sub-watersheds, each one a large river system in its own right, and thousands of smaller rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, and wetlands.

The habitat is tremendously diverse, and so are the salmon. There are well over 1,000 spawning populations from over 70 “conservation units” (populations of salmon that government scientists have determined are genetically unique and irreplaceable).

Unfortunately, the waterways of the Fraser Basin, and the salmon that inhabit them, face many threats, many of which were the subject of a recent judicial inquiry.
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